English to Spanish Android App Review

There are many ways to learn Spanish, if you’re either a complete interested beginner, or you’ve had some prior knowledge and you can have a rough idea of common words in Spanish. One of the probably readily available and affordable is using apps from your android smartphone.

Spanish Translator + is one of these apps among many others, and we are going to have a look at it today, and you’ll know how this app can help you get what you’re looking for.

It was developed by the Vidalingua company that has a fairly good reputation for making language apps and so they have a good command on this niche of language apps. And so they develop good and reliable apps.

Having your way around the app is pretty standard to most apps you’ve come across, and it has a friendly interface so you can easily have your way around. Without issues. In case you do, conveniently enough, there is a customer support service that is glad to help at any time.


The app has adequate resources, and is well equipped with the language base, so that people who are good in Spanish already, visit the app to find out what they need from the apps dictionary.

The Spanish translator app also gives examples of the word you searched for, and the context that you cam use the words. That is very satisfactory that you won’t need to go around looking for other sources to drive the point home. Included in the app besides the very good examples that are also submitted by Spanish users in the app, there are fun activities to help you improve your Spanish. There are quizzes that are really fun, verb conjugation explanations, verbs and all possible tenses. Flash cards are also present, that can help you easily remember a Spanish word or phrase or even tense. Whenever you realized you are forgetting the words you’ve learned, just visit the app again, and there you have all you need.

Something else about the translation in the app, there is a Talk To Service, that can pronounce the Spanish words for you, just in case you are not sure about its pronunciation. This is very helpful, and since it’s customized by the developers, the translations are very accurate, compared to what automated translations like Google translate that can give you completely irrelevant meaning from the actual one.

The interface design of Spanish Translator + is minimalistic and easy to manipulate by any type of user – advanced or a beginner. The whole system allows you to concentrate on the process of learning instead of thinking of how to handle the app.

To have a good picture of how the app is performing you can pay a visit to the app on Play Store and check out the reviews there and the responses they get from the developers. Complaints are taken well from the responses, and well, they do fix them from the ones I have seen on their updates, and that is really encouraging to know that they really spend time to pay attention to their users.

That gives you a good reason to keep on using the app longer. As you continue with your Spanish learning journey.

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Finally, I am still learning Spanish, and I can hold a pretty basic conversation thanks to the app and other e books with podcasts, and I have say that progress is really felt when using android apps like these. So this is an app you’ll really like. Good luck with your Spanish adventure, because it’s fun.

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